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FX Hydrocyclone

FX Hydrocyclone

Category: Classification Serie
Product details

A, product characteristics

Hydrocyclone is the use of centrifugal force will pulp sizing equipment. No movement, power components, need corresponding mud pump. In the mineral processing industry is mainly used for grading, separation, enrichment and desliming. Hydrocyclone equipment low cost, easy installation, convenient maintenance, Covers an area of less, low construction cost, unit volume capacity big, grading fine granularity, high classification efficiency, the amount of stranded in the pulp in the cyclone and less time, downtime is easy to handle. Grinding circuit used for pulp sizing, usually choose a combination of many sets of parallel unit, fineness and processing by the upper cylinder diameter, pulp inlet pressure and influence on pulp density, and volatile.

Second, the selection of specifications

1, according to user requirements for non-standard design and production.

2, no special instructions, hydrocyclone is gray casting material.

3, different material for the user to choose from: pu, steel shell lining pu, wear-resisting rubber, KM, silicon carbide, alumina ceramic composite materials, high chromium alloy, such as material, need to indicate when you order it.

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